How to get 40 minutes of zen moment + cup of hot cofee

I draw the line when my kids look like little sumo wrestlers after bundling them up with jackets.  It’s just too darn cold outside to let ‘em play in the snow.

Cabin fever?  check!

Kids bumping around the house like pinballs? check!

Nap time is more than few hours away?  check!

Going nuts trying to get some sanity back?  check!

I thought about baking cookies with them, but with the younger one around, dealing with raw eggs and flour is just asking for trouble.

What about letting them watch cartoons on TV?  Have you actually sat down and watched some of these “cartoons”?  Even shows found on Nick channels need proper supervision due to inappropriate content.  Sponge Bob?  No way!  I used to think Sponge Bob was funny until I recently watched an episode with the kids.  What an eye opener, actually promoting cheating, lying and succeeding!

What about Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, etc?  Better get those ear plugs because no matter how hard I try, they always end up watching way more than 30 minutes.

Being a Christian (sometimes good, sometimes bad), I wanted them to at least watch something that will teach them basic lessons as well as limit the amount of time the spend in front of the television.  One day, someone recommended a VeggieTales movie so I borrowed a copy from local library and watched it with my kids.

The story was closely based on Bible teachings and the movie was short (around 35 minutes)!  Awesome!!

By the way, the bad part about borrowing DVDs from the library was that I never managed to remember when I had to return them.  After my last penalty late fee approaching something like 60 bucks, I figured it would be money better spent on acquiring Veggie Tales DVDs, rather than borrow-and-pay-late-fees.

I missed out on an awesome Thanksgiving/Christmas sale at a Christian Book but, drum roll please, has the 30 DVD VeggieTales library for only 100 bucks!

That works out to be only $3.33 per DVD!  Woohoo!  And even better, is running a FREE shipping promotion.  No coupons or promotion codes to hunt.  99 bucks for 30 Veggie Tales movies. (surprisingly,’s price is much higher).

If you are unsure of committing to 30 DVDs, I encourage you to visit your library and borrow a copy of any Veggie Tales movie and see for yourself.

Just make sure to refresh your Bible teachings because your kids will ask questions :)

PS.  And yeah, return that DVD on time!!


  1. Hi KJ-

    Thank you for the tip! I missed this deal last year as you mentioned and kinda forgot about it. Excellent content too!


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